Professional window washers trying to remove alkaline haze, runoff, water spots, sprinkler spots, foggy glass, haze caused by pollution, spotting or streaks from unsealed building runoff or other hard water/mineral stains/spots.

Car owners or rental car asking how to remove water spots on windows from sprinklers, water spots from rain or runoff, water spots, streaks, haze or foggy glass from poor cleaning or other hard water/mineral stains/spots.

Remove water spots, hazy glass, fogged glass on shower doors, windows, automobile glass from alkaline products, acid rain or other hard water stains/spots.

Car washes where heavy water spots, deposits, alkaline haze, foggy glass or other hard water spots and stains are a problem.

Industrial applications where glass picks up stains, spots, foggy appearance, mineral deposits, or stains and spots from hard water.

The Benefit of Glass Water Spot Remover:
  • Removes heavy scale from glass easier than polishing
SERVICE MSRP: Starting from $75.00